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Toronto Comic Arts Festival!


After hearing a lot of positive raving from friends about TCAF last year, I resolved to make that event my first out-of-country trip in years — and my first trip to Canada, and my first non-local festival, AND the first time meeting people online with whom I’ve been acquainted for years! That time has finally come and gone, more quickly than I could have imagined, but it was amazing.

In a whirlwind of travel, I spent four days in Toronto, taking my first plane ride since I was a baby. Take-off is fun! Turbulence, a bit less so. But via plane, Toronto is but a hop and skip away from Nashville.

…The airport in Detroit sure was huge, though…

After taking a while to rest and adjust to the really nice weekend climate, I finally saw dinosaur bones at ROM! As much as I loved them as a kid, even wanting to be a paleontologist, I never saw any in person before. A passion triggered by Jurassic Park, fulfilled! …21 years later.

The next day, I hit the library to check out the huge pool of talent that would be attending TCAF.

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