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HCA: Content Migration & Re-Interpretation


Since 2011, I have been doing content migration with Hospital Corporation of America’s Web and Social Media Product Development team and TriStar division. This has involved moving website content – text, images, widgets, etc. – from old content management systems to new, and then from old web implementations on the system to new hosts within design guidelinesĀ made by the core development team and designers.

Having been directly and indirectly involved with over 500 websites, I’ve learned both the intricacies of dotCMS and gained insight on the process of upgrading websites over several years. New websites that I implement are strictly modern standards compliant, from image filesizes to CSS semantics to the kind of markup used in code.

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the asterism is a rare typographic mark used similarly to ellipses (⁂), a group of stars, a star pattern found in a gemstone, and a Nashvillian design studio run by Jessica Cantlope.